Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A mailbox tutorial

Good afternoon crafty bloggers.
A few weeks ago I made a mailbox to store some 6"x6" cards into and I thought it would be nice to make a tutorial on how I made it.
Please let me know what you think as this is my first attempt at making a tutorial.
I hope you like it and will give it a go!?!?!


You will need card, glue, a pencil, a ruler, a scoring stylus, scissors and a paper trimmer.

Cut the card to measure 30cm x 20cm.
Position the card landscape and score diagonally at 1, 7, 23 and 29cm.

With a pencil, mark up16cm on each side and cut each corner to the centre score line.
Fold in the score lines.

The first part of the mailbox should look like this.

Cut another piece of card to measure 24cm x 20cm.
Score the card 2cm on each side.

Position the card landscape and score at 2cm and 8cm from the right hand side of the card.

With the card portrait cut 16cm up along either side of the 2cm score lines.

With a pair of scissors cut the card at an angle either side of the score lines at the top and below where the score lines meet.

Fold the score lines inwards to look like this.
That completes the second part of the mailbox.

Glue the bottom flap to the inside of the box making sure the angled corners are at the top.

Glue the flaps inside the box.

Position and glue the front panel on each side.

Cut a piece of card to measure 19cm x 11cm and score a 2cm line at the top.

Punch the opposite end with the doily edger punch.

position the lid of the box so there is an equal overlap at each end and mark with a pencil.

Cut up to the score line and across at both ends.
Glue the flap to the inside top of the box.

This is how it should look.

Ta dah!
One cute little mailbox to store your 6"x6" cards in
This is how the mailbox looked after I had decorated it.
Big crafty hugs.
Donna xx


  1. Donna the card is fabulous and I loved your tutorial. You explained it very well and the pictures are very helpful. Caroline xxx

  2. Hi Donna this looks so easy to follow thanks fir taking the time out to show us ! I just need the time to make one now lol :D